Oriflame Catalogue 14 of 2018

Oriflame Catalogue 14 of 2018

The Oriflame Catalogue 14 of 2018 is a catalogue that excels by the typically French elegance. By opening the “door” of the cover of this catalogue, you will find the latest addition to Oriflame’s fragrance portfolio.

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Oriflame Catalogue 14 of 2018
Catalogue Cover 14 of 2018 | oriflame.com

Eclat Mon Parfum

We present the most premium type of fragrance – Parfum, whose concentration of essences is higher, so that, in addition to the quality of excellence, it gives you a longer life.

Be fascinated by Eclat Mon Parfum . Inspired by Parisian refinement and sophistication, it has two very special ingredients: the Boudoir DeLaire Chord and White Iris, the ancient symbol of French royalty.

To celebrate this launch, we launched in this catalog a pastime that you do not want to miss: A trip to Paris for 2 people!

When you turn the page, you will find the Sales Engine from this catalog. A perfect complement to use with your Eclat Mon Parfum: the elegant Eclat Scarf . Enjoy to buy it for only £4.95  for every £20 of purchases you make in this catalogue.

Eclat Mon Parfum
Eclat Mon Parfum | oriflame.com

New Releases from Catalogue 14 of 2018

In Body Care we also have fantastic news. Indulge in the chestnut aroma of the new Chestnut Chestnut Collection Multifunction Cream and Shower Cream . In this catalogue for only £3.99 and £4.99 respectively.

Get to know the new Gentle Ripples Swedish Spa Shower Oil , an oil that, when placed in the bathtub, turns into a creamy milk, providing a super smooth and hydrated skin.

In this catalogue you will also find the new Optimals Moisturising Facial Mask with fantastic antioxidant and nature moisturizing ingredients: Blueberry, Blackberry and Raspberry. The perfect complement to your face care routine. Enjoy the launch price of £5.95

We have another make-up novelty – the Mate Mousse Lip Sensation Collection in 8 wonderful nude shades . Always fashionable, always perfect | Enjoy the launch price of 6.95.

In the NovAge range, Oriflame introduces the new Supreme Cleaning Gel . An innovative cleanser that cleans and tones all skin types. This product replaces the old NovAge cleanings and tonics. So you will find in one product the benefits of two (cleansing + tonic). Get a faster routine with the same results! So from now on, NovAge assemblies now have 5 products instead of 6.

Special Offers

For them, we suggest the Eclat Homme fragrance , in this catalog at an incredible price of £11.95 ! It is the wow offer of this catalogue.

Eclat Homme | oriflame.com

I call your attention to the promotion of Omega 3 Wellness, available for only £6.95. Enjoy and stay in shape this autumn.

And because helping children and young people in need is part of the DNA of Oriflame, we have again in this catalogue, a product designed to support those who need it the most. For every Eau de Toilette Friends World for her sold in this catalogue, Oriflame  will donate £ 1 to Oriflame Foundation which aims to empower children and young women by providing opportunities for them to change their lives for the better – to feel safe and protected.

On the back cover of this catalogue, we suggest the Colour-box Lipstick . There are 20 tones for infinite looks! Enjoy and get as many as you like for only £1.95 each!

I would like to highlight the fantastic opportunity of this catalogue. For every NovAge set purchased, you get to buy  the SkinPro Cleaning Brush for £1 !

Source: oriflame.uk