Oriflame Catalogue 8 Highlights

Immerse yourself in this Catalogue 8 of 2022 to learn about the various news that Oriflame presents to you, the improved classics and much more.

The time has come to start your journey to become your best “I” ever. Immerse yourself in Catalogue 8 of 2022 to learn about the various news that Oriflame presents to you, the improved classics and much more!

Find new favourite products and enjoy the wonderful effects!

Bases Make-Up Pro All Cover Stick The ONE

Bases Make-Up Pro All Cover Stick The ONE

Promote total coverage and a matte finish throughout the day.

Stick – portable and practical – for a more uniform application, this Base fully covers imperfections, does not transfer and does not fade.

Available in 8 different colours, for only £16


In this catalogue, Oriflame presents more news Waunt – the hybrid range that combines skincare and makeup effects.

The Revive Me Waunt Daily Use Night Mask has a gel texture with memory that adheres perfectly to the skin and that remains fixed throughout the night

For £25 also, we present the Super Recover Whipped Waunt Day Cream, with an amazing foam texture, which instantly covers the reddish tone of the skin while keeping it hydrated throughout the day.


Protect your skin from premature ageing with a strong combination of NovAge products

Apply Retinol Concentrate at night, remembering that it can make your skin more sensitive to sun damage, so in the morning, apply the SPF 50 NovAge Day Protective Cream for very effective protection.

55th anniversary special

Throughout this year of 2022 Oriflame celebrates its 55th anniversary and you are the one who gets the gift!

In this catalogue, when you purchase the Bronzing Giordani Gold Pearls, you receive FREE the Sample of the SPF 30 Ideal Perfection Skinergise NovAge Day Cream and the Parfum Essenza Guiordani Gold Sample.

Love Nature

With organic lemon and mint extracts, this new Love Nature Line is perfect for oily hair.

With a light texture, these biodegradable products offer a feeling of cleanliness and unique freshness to the most oily hair.

Get to know all the characteristics of the Shampoo and Conditioner of this new line, and the irresistible aroma!


New Norrsken collection

Along with this catalogue 8 of 2022, we also have the launch of the summer collection of Oriflame’s range of accessories and jewellery – Norrsken.


Specially created to celebrate Oriflame’s 55th anniversary, the Crystal Beauty Rose Quartz Collection aims to bring you joy! In the centre of each piece, you will find the natural Quartz stone highlighted with Cubic Zirconia crystals for extra shine.

Find out more news by consulting the Norrsken Catalogue available online or purchasing it through code 143446 on your next order.



Elegant fragrance for the modern woman – this is how Eau de Parfum Divine was characterised during a blind tasting!


Floral, woody and fruity, with key notes of Lily and Freesia, this elegant and lasting aroma fragrance can be yours for only £15.99. Take advantage of this unique opportunity!