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The The Parfum Essenza Giordani Gold is the epitome of refined perfumery, the essential luxury for the woman who appreciates the good things in life Essenza Giordani Gold is the epitome of refined perfumery, the essential luxury for the woman who appreciates the good things in life. This exquisitely elaborate scent evokes the heart and soul of Giordani Gold, representing a new era of perfumery for Oriflame .

A moment of golden splendor that marks the beginning of something wonderful, that inspires a fabulous transformation for the woman who wears it.

The bottle

Oriflame’s Giordani Gold was first released in 1976 having been an incredible success, which prevails to this day. With this new release, Oriflame has prepared a bottle that is more modern and suitable for future generations. The Parfum Essenza Giordani Gold represents the art of perfumery. The fabulous solid glass bottle reminiscent of the crystal down to the true gold leaf and soon embedded GG in the lid, every detail has been thought out in detail and enhances the luxurious sensory experience of the parfum, featuring the exclusive markers of true luxury and premium perfumery.

The first perfume in the portfolio of fragrances Oriflame

At the heart of this woody loral scent lies the luxurious Essenza Orange Flower. This sublime note was created exclusively for Oriflame using the best quality orange blossom and blending it with other elements, to compose a unique interpretation of this iconic flower. This is the creation of a true fragrance.
What distinguishes a Parfum from an Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne?

The Parfumé fragrance in its purest, more concentrated and premium form, which results in greater durability in the skin.

  • Parfum – About 20% essence / oil;
  • Eau de Parfum – About 15% essence / oil;
  • Eau de Toilette – Up to 14% essence / oil;
  • Eau de Cologne – 2 to 3% essence / oil.

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Woody Floral

  • Calabrian bergamot
  • Luxury Essenza Flower of Laranjeira
  • Tuscan wood

At the heart of this woody floral scent of Essenza – created exclusively for Oriflame and exclusively for Giordani Gold Essenza.

Fabrice Pellegrin – creator of Giordani Gold Essenza

The fragrances are in the blood of Fabrice Pellegrin. He inherited this passion from his Father, who was also a perfumer. He grew up in France, completing his education in the acclaimed “House of Robertet”, before joining the famed French Mane group and later Hermés. Pellegrin started to create fragrances for famous houses like Thierry Mugler, Diptyque, Giorgio Armani and of course, Oriflame.

About Essenza, the creator says it is a scent that ” smells of sunshine and happiness “.

Inspired by Italy, the fragrance captures the scent of the orange blossom, a delicate flower with a sublime scent. But extracting the note, it was anything but easy. “The note was a co-extraction of the orange blossom, and its development was a long process,” explains Pellegrin. “Once a week,

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Parfum Essenza Giordani Gold
Created on the basis of Essenza Flor Flor de Laranjeira, exclusive Oriflame, the radiant Parfum Essenza Giordani Gold evokes the true luxury and art of perfumery with its refined glass bottle, with the lid with true gold leaf to the Its fragrance diffused and highly concentrated. A premium floral parfum that inspires the pleasures of life. 50 ml.

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