Oriflame Waunt Face Care

Waunt by Oriflame is a brand that combines the most delicate skincare qualities with makeup-inspired touch-up finishes.


Discover Waunt – a brand that combines the most delicate skincare qualities with makeup-inspired touch-up finishes.

The beauty world moves at breakneck speed. New trends update faster than your social media feeds.

Waunt lets you stay at the forefront of it all and express yourself in your way.

It’s a great time to be a beauty connoisseur! Ready to shine?

The new hybrid skin care brand arrives in the next catalog

Have you ever dreamed of a naturally perfect look without make-up? Oriflame introduces the next level – the hybrid skincare line with a touch of make-up!

Waunt gives you the best of skincare with makeup-inspired finishes for instantly perfect, photo-ready skin.

With carefully selected natural ingredients and Hydrosphere Technology, these products sumptuously hydrate skin from the inside out.

This is what gives you that desired “I woke up like this” effect!

Want more? The extraordinary transformative textures elevate your skincare experience, making it practical and fun!

The effect? Instantly perfected look, without make-up!

Try the samples now, fall in love, and get the full-size products in the next catalogue.

Waunt samples

Waunt Water Burst Dewy Gel-Cream Sample

Lightweight gel moisturizer that acts as a skin-cooling hydrating pump at the time of application. Instantly prepares the skin to improve the complexion tone and give a hydrating luminosity effect. Vegan skincare. 1.5 ml.

Code: 45695

Sample Hot Mask Waunt Mission Impurities

Purifying heat mask with a honey-like texture adheres to impurities to deeply purify and unclog pores, absorb oil and cleanse the skin of polluting particles. Vegan skincare. 1.5 ml.

Code: 45698

Sample Skin Retouch Waunt Woke Up Like This

Hybrid Cream Primer that blurs imperfections, evens skin tone, and smoothes skin texture while providing a golden, hydrating glow. Fast-absorbing texture for a velvety skin feel. Vegan skincare. 1.5 ml.

Code: 45699

I love these products, but how do I know if they suit my skin?

Do not worry. Waunt products were created for all skin tones and types. Including sensitive skin! What ingredients are used?

We only use natural, responsibly sourced ingredients that respect the environment. What else do you do to reduce your impact on the environment?

First and foremost, all of our bottles and containers contain post-consumer recycled plastic. In addition, the rinse formulas are biodegradable, so there is no need to use cotton pads. I like to use vegan products. Is Waunt vegan?

Yea! All Waunt products are formulated with vegan approved ingredients and are registered with The Vegan Society.