Oud Collection Fragrances

Oud Collection Fragrances

Although oriental fragrances have been a trend for a few years in the world of perfumery, the arrival of the Oud has brought even more interest to this category. In this sense, Oriflame now presents the Oud Collection Fragrances.

The Oud wood  is derived from wood Agar (Aquilaria), which grows in Southeast Asia. Madeira Oud is extracted from the perfumed resin, being rare and precious. A rich, warm and aromatic aroma.

Oud Collection Fragrances

You can now experience the mystery of Oud in two fragrances , for Her and for Him. If you are looking for a new fragrance for the summer, you will surely appreciate these two Oriflame novelties.

Fragrance for Her

Creating a connection with nature allows you to embrace her mystique and femininity. With this fragrance, it is linked to itself, to its mysterious side. Mysterial Oud Women’s Collection is a fragrance that reveals an aura of mystery that draws others to itself.

Olfactory Family – Oriental Floral Cedar

  • Madeira Oud
  • Essence of Rose
  • Saffron


Eau de Toilette Mysterial Oud Women’s Collection

This fragrance, with captivating notes of Madeira Oud, reveals an aura of mystery that draws others to itself. 50 ml.

Code: 34361


Fragrance for Him

It is in the depths of the forest, where it finds the force of nature, which establishes a connection with its true essence. Intense Oud Men’s Collection is the scent of inner strength and clarity you find when in perfect harmony with nature.

Family oflativa – Woody Green Leather

  • Grapefruit Notes
  • Madeira Oud
  • Madeira Gaiac


Eau de Toilette Intense Oud Men’s Collection

This fragrance captures the robustness of Madeira Oud to enhance its strength and masculinity. 75 ml.

Code:  34334