The products of the moment are ecological and fight against aging. The last years were marked by an innovation in face care. The category of cosmetic face care actives, such as BB cream , made color bases softer and we began to make taking nutritional supplements for the skin a regular habit.

But the most current topic may now be plant stem cells – premature cells that, if they can be developed, can mimic other cells and repair tissue damage. To learn what plant stem cell technology does for face care, Oriflame talked to Dr. Alain Mavon, director of Oriflame’s face care research .

For us, not scientists – what are the plant stem cell extracts used in the products?
– We use plant stem cells in face care products. We process plants generated with plant stem cell technology whose extracts can invigorate the skin.

Are human stem cells used in face care products?
“No. The use of human stem cells is very restricted. There is extensive research in this field, but mainly in medicine.

Why is plant stem cell technology an innovation in face care?
– The objective is the sustainable production of active ingredients. Exotic flowers are commonly used in face care products that impact the environment. Now we can use plant stem cell extracts to grow new plants in the laboratory. And the technology produces plants with more concentrated extracts, so we need less.

How do flower extracts beautify the skin?
– The products with extracts contain plant peptides (amino acid molecules) that can penetrate the skin and reproduce as collagen. This stimulates the growth of collagen and repairs the skin, which becomes softer. We talk a lot about collagen – a protein formed in the dermis, the second layer of skin, which makes our skin soft and pliable. The collagen fibers join together in a huge ‘carpet’ that supports the epidermis, the uppermost layer of the skin.

Some people are of the opinion that creams that ‘penetrate the skin’ do not do well. Are they right?
– You can not fight skin problems if the ingredients do not penetrate the layers of the skin – it is in the deepest layers that the active ingredients are effective. However, only a tiny amount of the product currently penetrates the skin.

How long does it take to see the results of face care products?
“About three months. But remember, there is no cream that prevents aging. The products serve to potentiate collagen and protect the skin so it looks better for longer than it would have without any face care products.

What is the ideal face care routine?
– Use a day cream with SPF and a night cream. Invest in products you like because you will use them every day.

And finally: Face care needs to be consistent to be effective. You will continue to celebrate your birthdays, to put out candles, but with healthier skin than you would have if you did not use the right products. Let the hydration begin!

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