Power Shine HD Lipstick The ONE

Power Shine HD Lipstick The ONE

Oriflame’s ONE Power Shine HD Lipstick is back – now better than ever with super reflective micro-beads for a high-gloss, bulky-looking finish.

This is an absolutely emblematic product of Oriflame, which now returns with an improved, even brighter version. Apply in layers for more shine and color.

Try these lipstick infused with super reflective microbeads that lighten and enlarge your lips. Show off your brilliance!

  • High gloss finish – 100% match *.
  • Define your lips by highlighting their shape – 92% agree *.
  • Lips look bulky – 80% agree *.

* Tested on Consumer.

Peach Spritz – 35466 | 

  Power Shine HD Lipstick The ONE

Amplify your lips like never before with a super-glossy finish and bulky appearance – every day! With super-reflective micro-beads that lighten and amplify lips for maximum impact! Featuring a light texture, smooth grip, and an ultra-moisturizing formula for maximum comfort throughout the day. 1.7 g.

35465 Lustrous Nude
35466 Peach Spritz
35467 Pink Lemonade
35467 Pink Lemonade
35468 Clover Haze
35469 Sexy Plum
35470 Cherry Candy
35471 Trendy Berry
35471 Trendy Berry
35472 Dazzling Wine

Source: oriflame.uk