Styling Professional Brushes & Combs

Styling Professional Brushes & Combs

Oriflame features Stylers, a full range of professional brushes and combs. Styler Brushes / Comb are the right accessories to create perfect hairstyles for any mood and for any occasion.

Each brush has a unique and professional design for stylish hairstyles and at the same time protect your hair.

 Professional Brushes & Combs

The styling can be easy and fun when you have the right tools. In the Stylers range you will find accessories to handle and care for your hair and also to create modern hairstyles. There are no limits to the hairstyles you can create, from the moment you know your accessories well .


Ventilated Brush Styler | 30580
Perfect for medium and short hair drying with hair dryer. It has spaced bristles and openings in the base to untangle and dry the hair. The openings allow an efficient circulation of the air, making it perfect for drying the hair with dryer, at the same time that it easily unties the hair.

Dimensions: C 22 x L 5 cm. Materials: ABS, Nylon

Small Styler Round Brush | 30595
Perfect for creating curls or straightening hair. It has a small barrel to model and stretch short hair. For longer hair, you can use this brush by dividing it into small sections.

Dimensions: C 22 x L 4.5 cm. Materials: ABS and Nylon.

Large Round Brush Styler | 30609
Perfect for creating snails or stretching medium and long hair. It has a large barrel for modeling and stretching long hair easily and quickly.

Dimensions: C 22 x L 8.8 cm. Materials: ABD and Nylon.

Comb Styler | 30610
Perfect for disentangling wet hair and for applying hair mask, allowing an easy combing of wet / moist hair, which is generally more prone to damage.

Dimensions: C 15 x L 6 cm. Material: PP

Toothbrush Styler | 30579
Perfect to untangle. Adapts to head shape for easy combing. The bristles have soft balls at the ends for a smooth and easy comb.

Dimensions: C 24 x L 6 cm. Materials: ABS, Rubber and Nylon.

Brush Snails 3D Styler | 30647
Created exclusively to quickly untangle hair, create volume and snails. Perfect for medium to long hair. Perfect for styling hair, promoting rapid drying and reducing hair damage.

Dimensions: C 22 x L 10 cm. Materials: PP and ABS.

Ripar Styler Brush | 30611
Developed specifically to create volume and straighten hair. Perfect for professional hairstyles.

Dimensions: C 21 XL 1,5 cm. Materials: ABS and Nylon.

Medium Styler Round Brush | 30608
It has a metal structure for rapid drying with the dryer as it retains heat. Perfect for modeling and stretching hair.

Dimensions: C 23 x L 4.8 cm. Materials: Aluminum and Nylon.