Success Stories

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I joined Oriflame back in 2002 after many years in the catering industry.

The reason for joining was simple. The catering industry was long and anti-social hours, very hard work, which did not suit someone with an injured back. My parents had run a successful Oriflame business for many years and persuaded me it would be a good career move for me and my wife Annette.
I have built a very good retailing business over the years, indeed the largest in the UK.
Over the last few years I have focused on building a team, managing them using modern communication; social media, internet sites, webinars etc.
Earlier this year I reached the status of Regional Manager. I manage a very successful and enthusiastic team, without the need to travel thousands of miles, which is simply not possible for someone with injured spine.

Annette and me never looked back! We always have plenty to do: Introducing new consultants, training and teaching, hosting and attending meetings and enjoying the benefits of being self-employed. We can do what we want, when we want, and having the money we make from Oriflame ensures we have fun doing it.
Anyone who joins Oriflame is self-employed, but no one is out on their own alone, as we are one big family with Oriflame and we encourage and support one another.
Whether you are looking to make sales, run a small team on part-time basis or build business to support your family, Oriflame is a great choice..


The award for an outstanding individual within a member company in the DSA . My all round performance was viewed as inspirational which was reflected both in my sales achievements and in my  role as an Ambassador for all that is great in our industry. With a record number of nominations.

Mike Cook~  Manager

With Oriflame, you too will have the opportunity to win foreign holidays, attend company conferences. What you put into your business is what you receive (unlike a 9 to 5 job). If you enjoy talking to people, learning about Wellness and cosmetics, making money, and having fun, Oriflame is the business for you.