Swedish Spa

Swedish Spa

Swedish Spa

The time to take care of yourself is precious. A special moment to revitalize the senses. This is the Swedish spirit. Make time for yourself, in nature, to relax your body and mind. With Oriflame Swedish Spa, you can enjoy the benefits of nature without leaving home. An inner tranquility and an external brightness.

Today, with the hectic lives and stress of everyday life, it becomes difficult to find time to take care of ourselves.

For a truly relaxing sensation, it is necessary to appease the mind and body. Thus, Oriflame has developed the Swedish Spa range, with products that allow you to recreate the relaxation of spa care from the comfort of your home.

With ingredients from nature, rich textures and delicious aromas, this collection provides both body and mind benefits.

The Sweden is synonymous with relaxation, tranquility, virgin nature, which inspired Oriflame to create this collection of body care . So that you feel good, peaceful and wonderful!

Swedish Spa

Textures that relieve tension

From oils that turn into creamy milk to silky mineral clay to exquisite body butter, Swedish Spa’s sublime textures are designed to relieve tension and provide moments of pure tranquility.

Corallina Officinalis: The Ruby of the Sea

Often found in the cool waters off the Swedish coast, this red seaweed is known for its exceptionally high content of sugars, minerals and other nutritional components that provide antioxidant, moisturizing and revitalizing action.

Formulas enriched with the aroma of sea breeze

Swedish Spa has a unique new aroma, whose calming properties have been scientifically proven. The floral-aquatic aroma, with soft marine notes, creates a feminine and appeasing fragrance, like a soft breeze.

range of products

Swedish Spa

Body Oil Mirror Ocean Swedish Spa

Light, fast-absorbing body oil with moisturizing ingredients, Canola oil, Almond oil and Vitamin E. Contains Alaria Esculenta algae to soften and revitalize skin. Use after the shower or as massage oil. 100ml.

Massage throughout the body to relieve tension or apply after shower to moisturize the skin.

Code: 34024

Swedish Spa


Whipped Waves Swedish Spa Body Butter

Body Butter enriched with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Canola Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, to nourish and soften. Relaxing aquatic fragrance. Not oily and quickly absorbed. 200 ml.

Apply throughout the body, massaging until completely absorbed. Indicated for daily use.

Code: 34025

Swedish Spa

Smooth Rocks Swedish Spa Massage Scrub Soap

Cleansing soap with two sides, one to massage and stimulate the circulation and another to exfoliate the skin. Aroma aquatic-floral relaxing. 100 g.

Use the side with the balls to massage the skin and the round side to gently exfoliate the skin.

Code: 34021

Swedish Spa

Salt Crystals Swedish Spa Body Scrub

Soft body scrub with salt crystals and almond shell. Scrub and clean thoroughly. Exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal refreshed, luminous skin. 200 ml.

Massage into clean skin 1-2 times a week, after shower gel, for a smooth and luminous skin.

Code: 34022

Swedish Spa

Relaxing Bath Tranquil Drops Swedish Spa

Sumptuous oil that turns into silky milk. Enriched with Vitamin E, Canola Oil and Almond Oil, a relaxing aquatic aroma and lavender essential oil to promote a superbly smooth skin. 200 ml.

It becomes a milk texture in the water. Add several drops to the hot water and mix. Soak in this luxurious water and enjoy its stimulating aroma.

Code: 34019


Source: oriflame.uk