The ONE 5-in-1 Wonder Lash XXL Mascara – Black

The ONE 5-in-1 Wonder Lash  XXL Mascara – Black

The ONE 5-in-1 Wonder Lash  XXL Mascara - Black

Offer this Mascara yo your lashes to complete a look like false eyelashes The  XXL Wonder Lash The ONE of Oriflame with a soothing formula that leaves no lumps or stain!

Discover the results of an eyelash cover. Oriflame’s exclusive Wonder Brush with patented Dual Core Technology delivers 5 benefits in one product to deliver extraordinary impact and 49% more volume.

The firm inner core and the soft, dense bristles amplify the lashes and allow 49% more volume to be created while lifting and providing exceptional curvature and length.

Who is this Mascara for?

She is a Wonder Woman Lash – intelligent, independent and confident. Quality is very important to you, and has an excellent sense of style. She dresses for herself and does not seek approval from anyone. Never exaggerate in your look, but do not want boring looks.

Although the Wonder Lash eyelashes mask is your favorite, sometimes you like to try out more intense looks – bigger, fuller and thicker eyelashes. Have you ever dared to imagine a mask of eyelashes better than Wonder Lash, but with all its wonderful benefits?

Why the Lash XXL Wonder Lash Mascara?

Oriflame introduces the next generation of its favorite Wonder Lash eyelash mask, XXL Wonder Lash. Now with the power of the Oriflame Exclusive Wonder Brush with Dual Core Patented Technology. This technology amplifies the Formula Pro Lash to elevate your preferred 5 in 1 mask to a new level!

  • Brush with Dual Core Patented Technology – designed to cover each eyelash to give it unbeatable length. The firm inner core and soft, dense bristles of this brush work together to amplify your lashes, creating 49% † more volume, lash to lash.
  • Oriflame Exclusive Wonder Brush developed with Dual Core technology for extraordinary eyelashes with exceptional volume, separation, lift, bending and length.
  • Pro Lash Technology – deeply smoothes eyelashes and helps nourish and protect them from the inside for strong, long, bulky eyelashes.

Results and benefits

  • 49% * More volume, eyelash to lash;
  • Provides 5-in-1 Formula Wonder Lash benefits: * length, volume *, split *, bend; *
  • The formula lets you add layers to a custom volume; *
  • Does not leave lumps, does not scale or stain. *

* Clinically Tested * Tested on Consumer

Makeup  Eyelash Mascara  The ONE

Wonder Lash XXL 5 in 1 Eyelash Mascara The ONE – Black

The XXL 5 in 1 Wonder Lash Eyelash Mascara The ONE includes the Wonder Brush, exclusive to Oriflame. Now also with the patented Dual Core Technology to give impact, intensity and 49% * more volume. 8 ml.

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