The ONE A-Z Cream Hydra SPF 30 The ONE

The ONE A-Z Cream Hydra SPF 30 The ONE
Cream with SPF 30 AZ Hydra The ONE

Busy life requires more than a good base. Meet the Oriflame 30 SPF Hydra The ONE Cream from Oriflame, its unique solution for a natural and perfect face.

Real Beauty for Real Life

Natural make-up is one of those trends that comes up regularly, but this season arises differently. What exactly is the new natural look?

Let’s start with the Natural

Natural make-up means shades close to your natural tones, highlighting their features, but the New Natural means a fantastic look from the inside out. Simpler mornings and multifunctional products. Essentially, less time spent in front of the mirror, more time spent displaying a fantastic look!

Beauty from the inside out

When it feels fantastic, it is easier to enjoy every moment of the day. Try to start with a good night’s sleep and drink plenty of water. We asked our models during a photo shoot to share their beauty secrets, and in addition to drinking lots of water, they gave us an excellent tip: massage and hydrate the neck area to keep the face refreshed.

Simplify your mornings

Tired of dealing with endless packaging and different brushes to get ready in the morning? The New Natural goes through finding multifunctional products that make your mornings easier.

Try the SPF Cream 30 AZ Hydra The ONE . Hydration, natural coverage and SPF 30 are just some of the 10+ benefits this product presents. Then apply your favorite eyelashes mask and you’re done!

In short, the New Natural goes through looking after your interior, simplifying your mornings, and finding products that do more for you. This is the real beauty for real life.

Makeup and Face Care in one product!

Two actions in one product: Action Face Care and Makeup Action. Together they offer 10+ benefits to the skin! Enriched with the best that a base of color has to offer and with the benefits of a face cream, this supercreme features a light texture and protective action, which gives a nude, very trendy, and radiant finish.


  • Visibly revitalizes skin appearance – 90% agree. *
  • Moisturizing throughout the day – 78% agree. *
  • Sun protection with SPF 30.
  • Oil free and non-comedogenic.
  • Perspiration resistant. *
  • Urban-Shield to help protect the skin from pollution.


  • Illuminates to create a perfect and radiant complexion – 87% agree. *
  • Perfect skin tone – 91% agree. *
  • Prepares skin for contour and illuminator.
  • Corrects the appearance of pores – 90% agree. *
  • Natural finish and customizable cover.

* Consumer Testing

Urban Shield – helps protect the skin from the negative effects of pollution.

Skin Color Blend pigments – help give a natural coat and a uniform complexion. With a special ingredient derived from Chamomile to soften and protect the skin.

Easy as AZ – Apply on clean skin. Avoid the eye area.

Tip of Use: Apply with a dampened makeup sponge for a natural look. Use with a dry sponge for more coverage. If you want a complete look, apply with a sponge moistened first and then with a dry sponge so that the cream completely melts in the skin.

The ONE A-Z Cream Hydra SPF 30

Cream with SPF 30 AZ Hydra The ONE

AZ Hydra The ONE Cream is a solution that brings together the best of both worlds for perfect beauty every day. With 10+ benefits including all-day moisturizing and multifunctional protection. One step to a fast and effective beauty routine, as well as a radiant and healthy looking skin. SPF 30. 30 ml.

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