THE ONE Eyes and Brows Kit

Define brows, play with depth and create sharp lines with the Oriflame Eyes and Brow Kit.

Try different looks with the all-in-one, long-lasting Eyes and brows kit. Define the brows, play with the depth and create sharp lines. It’s your decision!

  • high pigmentation*
  • Long-term use*
  • Waterproof*
  • Customisable colour*

* consumer test

Add a drop of water or use a damp brush for a more intense look!

Multipurpose eye and eyebrow kit

A high-performance, multipurpose eye and brow kit. Fill in and define the brows, apply the powdered eyeshadow, dry or wet, in an elegantly smooth and creamy eyeliner version.

Transforms compressed powder into a long-lasting, waterproof, non-staining cream formula.

THE ONE Eyes and Brows Kit

It contains 3 shades of brown created to suit most skin and hair tones. It includes a precision brush that allows a versatile and complete application of the entire range.

Contains Triple Powder Complex, created for the smoothest, smoothest powder texture and Film Former and Structural Wax Blend technologies that allow long-lasting use.

How to use the Eyes and Brows Kit


THE ONE Eyes and Brows Kit

Wet the brush, swirl it around the formula, and apply it with the bevelled edge to create brush strokes, or use a dry brush for a smoother, more natural look.

Apply directly to brows with the bevelled precision brush end, following the brow’s natural arch for definition.

The formula transforming from powder to cream is the perfect texture to define, outline and fill in brow ridges.


THE ONE Eyes and Brows Kit

Apply a lighter shade of dry powder over the lid with the flat side of the bevelled precision brush. Apply a darker shade to the crease for added depth and definition.


THE ONE Eyes and Brows Kit

Apply with a damp brush and outline with the tip and tip of the precision brush. The wet powder transforms into a smooth cream as it dries to add depth and definition to the eyes.

Follow the natural shape of your eyes from the inside to the outside, extending the corner line with a roll if you want to recreate a winged look.

THE ONE Eyes and Brows Kit

THE ONE Eyes and Brows Kit

The cream-to-powder formula and unique precision brush give you the range and versatility you need for beautiful, blemish-free, long-lasting brows and eyes. 3 g.

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