The One False Lashes Mascara

The Oriflame 360° Bendable False Lashes THE ONE Mascara lets you achieve a false lash look using just the mascara.

Oriflame’s latest mascara is here to take your makeup to the next level and give your business an extra boostTHE ONE 360° Bendable False Lashes Mascara is an innovative and intuitive solution for anyone who wants to get all the fantastic lash results without compromise.

  • 360° folding brush for maximum control
  • Clinically proven – 360º false eyelash look
  • High impact, instant volume and long-lasting curl (consumer test)*

This mascara is ideal for anyone who loves testing make-up and looking for a strong effect, with instant and permanent volumising and curling lashes.

It is suitable for people with sensitive eyes and contact lenses, which manufacturers do not always take into account.

False eyelashes only with a mascara. 

Are you ready to try a clinically proven 360° False Lash look?

The bendable brush, with a flexible handle, intelligent design and gentle formula, helps you reach every lash at any angle you want.

The result? A complete eye mascara effect (clinically tested) for powerful lashes. It looks like you’re wearing false lashes with the comfort of a high-tech mascara!

With the bevelled brush, you can push each lash out, creating a perfect fan look and no more contorting the arms, cleaning the excess product on the eyelid. You will only have super powerful lashes.


Innovative, flexible brush

Stick the lashes out to get a 360° False Eyelashes Look. Just bend the brush using the mouth of the tube to get the angle you need.

brush tip

It was created to reach each lash: inner, outer, upper and lower!

Flex Lite Technology

The lightweight formula gives you significant impact results without serious side effects.

The One False Lashes 360  Bendable Mascara

How to get a false lash look using just mascara

Do you love the false lash look but are tired of glue and tweezers? What if you could enjoy the look: lengthened, curled and volumised lashes, using just mascara? Here are a few tips on how to make it happen!

1. Curl it, girl!
Eyelash curlers are a sometimes-forgotten trick that can really make your lash look a winner! By helping to fan out your lashes and add some curl, your natural lashes will be competing with falsies in no time at all. Dust off yours, or invest in some new ones, and incorporate a quick squeeze into your morning routine.

Suppose you want to go all out; space out three curls along the length of your lashes. Start at the base, closest to the lid, then do one halfway up, and finish with the tips. Hold for a full 10 seconds each time. Fix your look in place with some mascara, and you will enjoy the compliments rolling in all day long!

2. Reach each and every lash
For an authentic all-around false lash look, you want to make sure you reach every single lash all the way around. THE ONE False Lashes 360° Bendable Mascara was designed with this very task in mind. The unique bendable brush helps you reach into every lash, giving you a clinically proven 360° lash look. *

What’s more, you won’t mess up your lid as you apply because it is easier than ever to get a coat of mascara onto your bottom lashes with the specially formed brush.

3. Don’t forget the corners!
The brush on THE ONE False Lashes 360° Bendable Mascara also has a precision tip specifically designed to make sure you can reach into the corners and add a little extra wherever you may need it. You can push the lashes into place and make sure that you really get the look you want by angling your lashes where you want them.

4. Layer up
Once you are happy with your false lash look, you can layer up on the top lashes, the outer corners, or wherever feels suitable for your eye shape and lash spacing. The smooth formula means you can build without clumping or flaking.

And don’t forget: once you have enjoyed your lashes all day long, remember to remove your makeup correctly before going to bed. Properly caring for your lashes is one way to help your lashes look longer, naturally!

The One False Lashes 360  Bendable Mascara

THE ONE 360° Bendable False Lashes Mascara

8 ml.

Code: 43129