Urban North For Men

Urban North For Men

Urban North For Men

The care with your skin is very important! Indulge yourself with these refreshing solutions with unique technologies and ingredients from Oriflame’s Urban North For Men line.

Arctic Pro Defense is formulated with antioxidant-rich Siberian root extract to help protect skin from internal and external aggressions.

The Ingredient of the Moment: Black Coal

Coal has a unique ability to attract impurities and dirt. In the Urban line of North For Men, we bring you this power in these body care , to feel fresher than ever.

Coal is the latest super-ingredient that has shaken the cosmetics industry. Read on to find out exactly what it is all about and the reasons why it is a natural solution to the most common skin problems.

Urban North For Men

What is coal?

Coal is made of burnt wood. Branches and leaves of the tree undergo a carbonization process involving several chemical reactions that promote the formation of micropores on the surface of the coal particle, which increases its surface and makes it an exceptionally absorbent ingredient.

Coal in face care

With its powerful cleaning and absorption properties, charcoal acts as a magnet on the skin, removing deep impurities. Thanks to its ability to retain the substances with which it comes in contact, charcoal can be a fantastic cleansing and exfoliating.

Coal in male care

Testosterone directly stimulates the production of sebum, providing a perfect environment for acne. It is for this reason that men have a tendency to have enlarged pores and acne.

Coal is known as a solution for clogged and dilated pores. Traditional soaps, shaving creams or face care can remove the natural oils the skin needs. But black coal absorbs the toxins and purifies the skin without drying it. You’re welcome!

Are you interested in trying new products with charcoal in your formulas? Try the Urban North for Men line . By offering the power of charcoal, this line invigorates the skin from head to toe!

Urban North for Men Products

Urban North For Men

Face Cleansing, Shower Gel and Urban North For Men Shampoo

A 3 in 1 product (face cleaning, shower gel and shampoo) with charcoal to help remove impurities. Designed especially for men, this product features soothing ingredients and Arctic Pro Defense Technology for daily protection. 250 ml.

Code: 34852

Urban North For Men Shaving Foam

Rich and creamy shaving foam enriched with charcoal and Glide Technology for a clean and gentle shave. Suitable for face and body. 200 ml.

Code: 34906

Soap Urban North For Men

Soap enriched with charcoal to clean and revitalize the skin and provide a refreshing sensation. With Arctic Pro Defense, to help protect the skin, and a creamy lather. 100 g.

Code: 34911

Source: oriflame.uk